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Financial Planning

Live too long, die too soon.

Investment Management

Customized investment solutions.

Insurance Services

Right coverage for the lowest cost

Corporate Planning

401(k), 403(b), & SEP IRA administrators.

Educational Workshops

Teaching financial success.

Professional Collaboration

Putting a team behind you.


Financial Planning

Planning your financial future can be overwhelming, and answering life’s scary questions will ordinarily stop most before they start. We recognize that running out of money in retirement, maintaining economic freedom, or providing for loved ones is a part of life’s stressful summaries. Take the worry out of finances with Financial Planning from Investor’s Advantage Corporation.

Investment Management

Investing without risk is impossible. However, it is possible to diminish uncertainty by determining acceptable upside and downside risk. Investment Management, from Investor’s Advantage Corporation, discovers what risks are acceptable and customizes portfolio income designed to meet growth specifications.

Insurance Services

It may not be possible to foresee your future, but you can prepare for it. With tailored insurance coverages, Investor’s Advantage Corporation’s Long Term Care options provide peace of mind for life’s unexpected difficulties.

Corporate Retirement Planning

Despite possessing various policies, most corporations fail to recognize the associated cost of their retirement plans. A retirement analysis from Investor’s Advantage Corporation will compare newly developed programs to legacy plans, designed to minimize fees and maximize savings.

Establishing Retirement Plans

Revising Retirement Plans

Establishing Retirement Plans

Revising Retirement Plans

Educational Workshops

Investor’s Advantage strives to support our community in their struggles to overcome the fear of finance. By Providing online education and financial workshops, we aim to build financial literacy in those we serve.

Professional Collaboration

It takes a team, and your professional team needs to work together. Whether you already have a professional team or require establishing one, Investor’s Advantage is here to ensure all your professionals work in the best interest of their client, you.

Investor’s Intelligence

Can You Survive a Bad Loss?

Savvy investors hate losses more than they love gains, which is why it’s crucial to know your probability of success. We encourage investors to run their numbers, so they keep their odds of retirement success at 80% or better.

How Much Negative Volatility Is Acceptable?

You have to be the economist of your own home. Determine in advance how much volatility is acceptable, and you’re better equipped to understand how your portfolio will treat your life savings in advance of a volatile market.

The Wind Did It

Building sand castles is great fun on the beach until an unforeseen wave or wind bluff picks up a grain of sand or two to cause your beautiful monument of creativity to come crashing down forever, right before your very eyes.

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