Investor’s Advantage Risk-O-Meter

September 2021 Economic Outlook

While the global economic outlook remains positive against a backdrop of improving demand and generous policy support, there are serious headwinds due to aging populations, vaccine setbacks, and worsening virus outbreaks.

The markets appear to be priced for perfection which may leave investors high and dry when direction turns south due to unforeseen events. Already lofty valuations are expected to reach even higher to continue the melt up. So leaning into risk assets may be a good call for the short term and establishing defensive characteristics in advance may prove to be a wise move to keep assets from being handed to investors over the long term.

The Investor’s Advantage Risk-O-Meter reflects the company’s overall opinion on the economy and the stock market.  Leading indicators include the US Economic Outlook, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Leading Indexes, Global Economic Outlook, Corporate Profit Growth, Inflation, Equity Market Valuation, and Geopolitical Risk.

Risk is not knowing what you’re doing.

– Warren Buffett.

Do you know how much risk your portfolio and retirement accounts are taking? Understanding the risk of the economy and how it relates to your money is crucial. However, this means nothing if your investments aren’t designed around YOUR risk tolerance and YOUR financial goals. We’ve partnered with the fantastic folks at Riskalyze to offer a free tool that pinpoints your Risk Number so that you may informatively guide your portfolios asset allocation.

The information presented does not involve the rendering of personalized investment, financial, legal or tax advice.  This information is not an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation.

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