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Investor’s Advantage supports our community in overcoming the fear of finance. So we’ve developed and continually add to an extensive library of financial-literacy.

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Informative, easily digestible financial education videos designed to help our community think like a wealth manager. Prepare for the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Co-collaborated podcasts interviewing Investor’s Advantage President and Founder, John Grace.


Research-based articles discussing market trends, industry insights, and tactical strategies.

i24 News with John Grace

China re-writing U.S. trade agreements has left investors rethinking Chinese investments.  How can investors continue to stay prepared for the yearlong trade war that has no endgame?  

Family Flip Strategy for Inherited Property

How do you get top dollar for a run-down property after a loved one passes? Founder and CEO of Trust Properties USA, Paul Hargraves is here to tell us how.

Focus on Your Finances Part 2

Focus on your finances: 3 ways investors can take advantage!   Diversify Your Portfolio Look For Active Management Strategies How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

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