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About Us

Since 1979, Investor’s Advantage Corporation has been passionate about working with individuals who are looking to achieve financial independence. By proactively planning our clients’ futures, we develop attainable goals and achievable personal benchmarks. At Investor’s Advantage Corporation we pride ourselves on our ability to build financial independence and confidence, we do this by creating transparent and efficient portfolios that strive to exceed client objectives.

Media Interviews

Celebrating 40 years in the securities and insurance industries, John Grace, Founder and President at Investor’s Advantage Corp. is frequently interviewed on nationally syndicated TV and radio programs about the economy and the markets. According to John, “Most investors were not ready for previous crashes, and they are not prepared for the next one either.”  John aims to educate investors about taking action, rather than sitting and waiting for their assets to be wiped out. Tune in here often to keep up to date.

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Rising Risks Thanks To Trade Tensions

The U.S.-China trade war is intensifying after the White House’s recent executive order that effectively banned China’s telecom giant Huawei from doing business in the U.S. The fight with Huawei began before Trump. In 2012, the House Intelligence Committee branded...

Millennials: Keep Your Home Buying Powder Dry

The U.S. housing market is in a spot much like a roller coaster that is nearing the top of the peak, is the way I see it. As the ride crawls to the top the coaster almost appears to come to a stop. Then the real fun begins. Hold on folks and keep your arms and legs...

i24 News with John Grace

How can investor's be prepared for the yearlong US-China trade war that has no endgame in sight?  Latest Media 200 N. Westlake Blvd., Suite 109 Westlake Village, California 91362-3783 805.495.2077   800.266.2077   888.WHY.BEPOOR Fax: 805.497.8342...

Community Service

We are enthusiastic about giving back to our community. One of the ways we do so is by making donations in the names of our clients on their birthdays to The Greater Contribution. Since 2006, The Greater Contribution has provided over 13,000 microloans to women living in abject poverty in Uganda. These loans allow them to start small businesses and begin to work their way out of poverty. Another way we help make the world a better place is by partnering with local non-profits to help raise money by hosting charity poker tournaments. Do you have a favorite charity you support? Contact us today and ask about collaborating on a charity poker tournament.

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