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Are you worried about another 2008 or your money getting cut in half?

The 2008 crash caught us all off guard, even those who thought they were prepared realized how undiversified they really were. We chose to learn from that crash and employ true diversification and risk management techniques that have been reliable through all market cycles.

Does maintaining your lifestyle after your last paycheck concern you?

Maintaining your same lifestyle through retirement is not an easy task and it should give you concern. If you do not do any real planning, you’re leaving it to luck and that is not a strategy to rely on. You should spend at least the same amount of time planning your financial future as your vacation. “If you fail to plan, you plan to Fail” – Benjamin Franklin.

Do you think financial planners are too expensive?

It has been become common to hear working with financial planners is too expensive, we would challenge that in a couple of ways. 1. Do you know what you’re paying for your investments now? Often times mutual funds fees are far more then you’d expect. 2. What is the value of good advice?

Do you believe you don’t have enough money to work with a financial planner?

We are always surprised to hear planners say they will not work with people with less than a certain amount of money. We are committed to working with people that are dedicated to improving and planning for their future which is why the relationship with our client is based on the individuals and not the account size.

Do you trust your financial planner with your life?

The relationship with your financial planners should be one built on trust, you should know they have your best interest at heart. It may be a bit dramatic to say they have your life in your hands, but they certainly may have your financial life in their hands.

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