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What’s Happening Here? Lack of Sex

“And these are desperate times… Markets are corrupted by monetary central planning. They’re confused. And the road back is going to be treacherous. We’re looking at a major re-pricing for all financial assets. And thousand-point intraday or day-to-day swings are part...

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27% Crash in the Cards?

Global bond markets are behaving as if major trouble lies ahead of the U.S. global economies. Global stock markets are behaving as if the economic skies will remain forever blue. The U.S. equity markets are repeatedly hitting new record levels and are trading at...

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Declare Your Own Independence

Let me start with some good news about the Great Depression. On a per-capita basis, more Americans became millionaires from 1929-32 than any other time in history, opined Rodney Johnson, Senior Editor, Dent Research. By itself, the statement is fascinating. It’s also...

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